"Quotations are cool!"


Where you would rather be other than here

www.onion.com - The Onion: America's Finest News Source, or so they claim. Updated every wed.

www.imdb.com - The Internet Movie Database, for all of you who find yourself needing to know who was in what.

www.mostlymuppet.com - Seth Miller's Website, and no I don't know which part of him is muppet (or in this case, which part isn't).

www.blueskyday.com - Jennifer West's Blog, don't expect the expected!

www.blogjammin.com - Matt Wilkerson's blog, expect that which you don't!

www.dilbert.com - Dilbert: The world's first on-line comic strip, and thankfully no longer the only one. Get Fuzzy is also located there.