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My list of DVDs:

Current as of January 2nd, 2004.

Airplane!, The Black Hole, Caddyshack, Dirty Rotten Scoundrals, Dr. Strangelove, Dracula, Excalibur, The Fifth Element, Good Morning Vietnam, Krull, LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring, Ocean's Eleven, Oscar, Pirates of the Carribean, Princess Mononoke, The Red Violin, The Replacement Killers, Resident Evil, Ronin, Sleepy Hollow, Spaceballs (the DVD), Spiderman, Top Secret!, 2001: a Space Odyssey, UHF, Wallace & Gromit (A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave)

My Acting Hobby

The Philco. Radio Players

I've been cast in the Philco Radio Players, formerly the Pot Luck Players. Its a group that does Old-Time radio from the Golden Era; i.e. 1930's, 40's and 50's. I had a blast doing mystery-suspense shows and we did The Shadow, Boston Blackie (I got to be Blackie!) and The Strange House on Cyprus Canyon. We also did a Fundraiser performance at Callenwolde too where I did Prince Zoon in Flash Gordon! The old website that Travis and I worked on is still up at www.potluckplayers.com. Now that we have a new name, we'll be switching web-addresses and the new site is www.philcoradioplayers.com and is done by Sabrina Sexton, whom you might remember from previous PLP shows and from the production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" I was in last year!

The Quest

And as for things other than plays, I've been cast as 'Derrik' in an independant film being shot around the Atlanta area. Filming started in Spring, April 5th & 6th near Valdosta to be precise (yes I know, far from what one would consider to be Atlanta Area, but hey...), and we'll be shooting mainly in the fall of this year. The film is called The Quest.

The one I'm in takes place in England during the Middle Ages and is about a peasant farmer named Brian who's mother has just dies and generally has a crappy peasant life. I play his wandering cousin Derrik, a pick-pocket and general con artist, shows up with a proposition. Derrik has gotten hold of a map showing where the burial shroud of Christ resides (the story takes place around 1300, before the burial shroud became known as the shroud of Turin).

As luck would have it, Travis is in it too. Well, he is in the feature-length version at any rate. He plays the films villain; a 'former' business partner that my character had cheated. Apparently, Derrik got hold of the map through one of their scams and stole it away from his business partner, so he ends up chasing and foiling our attempts to get hold of the shroud. Although, since Travis is busy in Texas right now, I'm not sure if he will manage to still be a part of the project.


I'm also in a long-form improv troupe too! We usually have shows every month, and our next one is scheduled to be on September 20th. Go to JaCKPie.com for directions. Classes for anyone interested are available. Drop by on monday nights for the drop-in classes, fun for the novice and seasoned performer alike!


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