Lighthouse Marketing Inc.

HTML CSS jQuery Wordpress Parallaxing

It always seems to be the case when working anywhere that, whatever it is you provide for your clients is usually the last thing you end up doing for yourself. There's probably a saying about it somewhere. Fortunately, while working at Lighthouse we had the good sense to do our best to create a web experience for ourselves to market our skills at interactive development that is on par with the caliber of work with which we provide our clients.

This entire site went through a number of iterations, but this latest incarnation uses Wordpress as a CMS to best allow for future growth and any possible website additions. The site uses LESS to compile the CSS file and was built using the Bootstrap framework as a starting point. This allowed us to start with a base that was already mobile responsive and looks stunning on any screen-size. Customisation to the Wordpress template and some special features and functions were added using jQuery.

A few of the features the site boasts is a full-screen header area that adapts itself to fit any screen size and orientation that also parallaxes as the page scrolls, animated work sample boxes, an animated 'lightbeam' that extens across web links that mimic the beam of light from the 'i' in the Lighthoue logo, and a fading feature on each page that fades the page to grey before loading the next page.

DS Services Regional Brands,

HTML CSS jQuery Client-built CMS Integration

This client had a unique set of challenges to overcome: they host nearly a dozen of their own sites on a custom-built CMS system that they maintain. Not only did we have to build out all of those websites and any landing pages for special offers, we had to do it using their internal network, on site and remotely. Not only that, but much of the work had to be compatable with the rest of the site as we went, so no clean slate. Many workarounds were made to make sure that all of our updates not only worked on their own, but didn't affect other pages.

The result couldn't have been more stunning: nearly a dozen freshly-designed bottled water brand websites, each running on the same server but with their own unique content. A great deal of work went into the HTML and CSS, and several different versions of jQuery had to be implemented and managed throughout the site as well.

During later phases, we were in the proccess of slowly converting the design to a bootstrap-based layout; making the sites mobile-responsive.

Nursery Water

HTML CSS jQuery Custom PHP MySQL Parallaxing Animated Scrapbook

When I first started working on this project, there were about half a dozen different sites being separately maintained with the same content, each with their own databases of registered users, and we condensed all of them down to one mobile-responsive site. Using my own customised PHP, I've created a method to switch the content of the site depending on which language you choose: will display English content, while will display Spanish.

I've also made some custom PHP to manage the 'Nurse Linda' section of the website, automatically adding posts to archives, post lists and navigation; complete with automatic pagination, thumbnails and a quick synopsis of the content when Nurse Linda provides new tips and letters every quarter.

I also helped in condensing the 3 or 4 separate registered user databases into one using PHPmyAdmin to maintain the MySQL database. We also used the user registration on the site to allow logged in users to send a picture to us using Flickr for a "Baby of the Month" contest to go into the site's scrapbook page, where we had an animated set of scrapbooks that a user could flip through.

Athena Water

HTML CSS jQuery Custom PHP Wordpress

This site got to be a playground for us as we explored and experimented with several different things: I used Wordpress to manage the blog section, a modified instance of Geeklog was also used to manage adding user-submitted stories, and a collegue built an event handling CMS using PHP. We also had a facebook feed on the home page and I custom built a video page using PHP and javascript to switch the video in the player in the head of the page based on what the user chose from the thumbnails.

Sparkletts Sparkling Water

HTML CSS Wordpress

Using Wordpress as a starting point, this site was created as a Landing Page for sales that boasts a great set of rotating sliders throughout, highlighting the different brand flavors available complete with animations.

Standard Coffee

HTML CSS jQuery Joomla!

Before our department settled into using Wordpress, we did a few sites using Joomla! for the CMS. The site template was written from scratch.

Clark's Pest

HTML CSS jQuery Wordpress

This whole new website was built on Wordpress using a theme the company bought and heavily modifying it with our own jQuery and CSS. We also did some database tinkering for some added functionality.